I run a number of workshops which are all very different in their purpose. Corporate Related workshops are run on an invitation basis only as it is imperative to get the mix right. The most common issue presenting currently is “loneliness at the top” where typically CEO’s/Directors don’t have the space in their life to have deep business or personal related discussions in a non competitive, non threatening, relaxed, sharing environment.

Other workshop headings include:

  • Stress and it’s effects
  • Importance of company culture
  • Divorce – Deciding on/Getting through
  • Is this the life I really chose?
  • Too many hats!!
  • The CEO – the other half

These workshops are hugely beneficial in times when you need a support network in a non judgmental environment where ideas, tips and experiences can be shared. In what could be a truly traumatic time this platform offers rather a way to enlighten, to motivate, to give insight while also adding some much needed, light hearted anecdotes.

“When we put our heads together, when we trade, borrow and acquire ideas from each other, we all win!” 
– Dr Gene R Carter