MD CEO Technology
“I thoroughly enjoy my sessions with Miriam as she somehow helped me see my challenges from different perspectives and helped navigate me out of my ‘thought process rut’ when needed. Her skill at coming up with thought provoking questions helped me rethink and examine other options…she was a breeze to work with and she also has fantastic people skills I look forward to engaging Miriam again whenever possible. MD CEO Technology”

PR, CEO Property
“Miriam has coached me for a number of months and alongside her Psych-K sessions she has helped remove so much toxicity and stress from my life. She is wonderful to work with and has an amazing ability to quickly make you feel like an old friend to whom you can confide and air your darkest concerns. She has helped me see a future i never thought possible and am indebted to her. She is a magic mix of warmth, fun and definite results – highly recommend. PR, CEO Property ”

IB PM Insurance
“Since working with Miriam, my confidence has definitely increased allowing me to reach my goals a lot quicker. I began working with Miriam at a time when I had moved location and was looking for a new role which was proving challenging. Within a few months with Miriam, not only have I secured employment within a large organisation but have recently been promoted.

Miriam challenged me to look outside the box and prepared me for this major transition and supported me through it. I would definitely recommend Miriam and have done so as she holds you accountable for the steps towards your goals which now seem so realistic and achievable. IB PM Insurance”

KL, Barrister
“I had 6 months of life coaching with Miriam and she has the wonderful ability to create a space which from nowhere answers to long held problems just seem to appear. Her warmth and encouragement helped expose a path forward which has given me a new lease of life – I am now excited by the future and feel so positive and light. Long held negative beliefs have blighted my years to now but they have been replaced with positivity and hope. I cannot recommend Miriam highly enough. KL, Barrister”

SM, MD Events
“Having Miriam as a Life Coach has been a game changer through difficult times.With her calmness and a total trust that I have the answers within me I began to trust in my own wisdom and together we could peel back the layers which were holding me back. I highly recommend Miriam as a Life Coach and a Psych-K Facilitator. SM, MD Events”

SS, Owner Health
“For the first time ever I felt I had someone ‘in my corner’ – her warmth, love and encouragement are palpable. She is full engaged and present in every second of every session. With a great knowledge of different techniques Miriam’s help had been transformational and fundamental to my journey towards self love and self trust. I am so grateful for her time and kindness Simply couldn’t recommend highly enough. SS Owner Health”

JD CEO Finance
“Miriam helped me during time of extreme stress in both my private and professional life. With her gentle coaching she gave me the time and space to go inside and work out who I was, what was going on in my life, why I felt the way I did, what was holding me back and most importantly she helped me see the obvious way forward. After my coaching and Psych-K sessions with Miriam I feel positive, happy for the first time in years, alive and stress-free. JD CEO Finance”

NG COO Investment Banking
“From my first session with Miriam for Life Coaching it was clear she had an arsenal of tools and techniques which she uses softly and smoothy in sessions from NLP, Hypnotherapy, Eft and her obvious training in other areas such as Emotional Intelligence and Positive Psychology but my absolute favourite process is Psych-K. This quickly got to the core of my negativity and not only removed it but replaced it was what seems like a new upgraded positive program running in my mind – sheer brilliance. What is also great is that Miriam seems to constantly updating her own skills though research and learning new techniques so she can help as many people as best she can. She is wonderful and I highly recommend. NG COO Investment Banking”

JR, Director Engineering
“Miriam simply and effectively lends you her strength when you feel you are stumbling and her Psych-K sessions have helped me get rid of ‘stuff’ I had been carrying around for years and replaced them with a deep love and acceptance of myself. I would recommend Miriam so highly and have done to all of my friends and family – thank you Miriam. JR, Director Engineering”

CO MD Interior Design
“I have been having regular Life Coaching sessions and Psych-K sessions with Miriam for some time and they work perfectly together. Her non judgemental and loving approach gave me the space to work out who I am, what was holding me back and then helping install new beliefs and I now see a wonderful way forward. I can’t recommend Miriam highly enough. CO MD Interior Design”

JM MD Recruitment
“It was clear from the outset Miriam works with you in all sessions – very collaborative and enjoyable. With her skilled questioning and impressive listening skills we could identify quickly the toxic beliefs I’ve been holding onto for many years – not realising quite how much they were holding me back. Through Miriam’s coaching and Psych-K facilitation I am now so excited about my future and feel so much more calm with all areas of my life. I highly recommend everyone has a session with Miriam. JM MD Recruitment”