One-to-One Coaching Sessions

One-to-One Coaching Sessions

I listen with the intent to understand, not with the intent to reply…

Personal Transformation

These are one-to-one sessions for seemingly successful individuals but who know they have so much more potential and feel unfulfilled and held back.
We identify what it is, how it is affecting all areas of life, and how life would feel without that ‘invisible power’ holding them back from reaching their truest potential.

Together, we will look at new empowering beliefs and install them.

Most prominent issues are:

  • Stress
    living in stress mode for any length of time creates a breeding ground for detachment, anger and illness and the serious impact these have on family, colleagues and life in general are far reaching.
  • Career Path
  • How to step up / down or transition to a new path.
  • Feeling Unfulfilled
    Having a deep knowing that you have so much more to give can be exhilarating but more often than not can be debilitating.
  • Relationships
    Personal and work relationships can add huge pressure on an already hectic life.
  • Unresolved Past Issues
    You have buried them so deeply in the recesses of your mind that you’d almost forgotten them but at some point something / someone triggers the memory.
  • Feeling Disconnected
    At time throughout our lives with our many obligations we can feel detached and lost from our loved ones.


All of our roles in life evolve and grow so it is critical to seek clarity and balance in all major aspects of life.  So by creating a “STOP” and taking a snapshot we can then truly delve deeply into these areas and find the most authentic capabilities and values within – the result is a more fulfilled, compassionate, creative, successful version of ourselves.

I offer:

  • One off sessions
  • 6 session package
  • 12 session package or
  • the ever popular 2 day intensive programme